About Nick Anderson (Nanda)

Nick Anderson grew up in Northern California, and started learning bladesmithing while living in Northern Thailand in a city called Chiang Mai, where he lived for 5 years.

In addition to self-teaching, Nick was lucky enough to learn from bladesmith Che Americano, who taught Nick a wealth of bladesmithing knowledge in regards to forging, knife construction, and more.

For his entire life, Nick has pursued the creative arts, starting with illustration and glass art, and later branching out into metal fabrication, bronze sculpture and metal jewelry.

Nick now shares a shop with James Austin in Oakland, CA. He and James Austin are both working to offer a number of bladesmithing, axe-making and tool-making classes as well as team-building workshops for companies in the California Bay Area.


Nick is a member of the American Bladesmith Society and will be testing for his Journeyman Smith (JS) title in 2020.

Nick also runs a design company called NandaCreative, that specializes in brand strategy, digital design and web solutions.

Bladesmithing Classes with Nick Anderson

Nick is currently teaching bladesmithing at Alchemy Metalworks in Oakland, CA. For information on upcoming classes, sign up for our Newsletter below or send Nick an email at nandaknives@gmail.com