Knife Care

All of my hand-forged knives are completely one of a kind, made from high quality, high carbon knife steels. 

While these steels can hold an amazing edge and see a long lifetime of reliable use, they are not stainless, so will require a little bit of care to maintain the blade. Keep dry whenever possible, wipe clean after use, and occasionally wipe down the entire blade with mineral oil before returning to its sheath. A lot of my knives also feature exotic hardwood handles which, while beautiful and durable, are organic and appreciate the occasional wiping down with oil.

With time and use the steel will naturally develop a unique patina (a darkened oxide later) that will help to protect the blade and prevent rust and oxidation. This process can be accelerated by cutting certain fruits and vegetables, especially acidic varieties like citrus. There are also easy methods to add your own unique patina to the steel using mustard or other agents. Try searching "mustard knife patina" online for examples and how-to's if interested. In the case that your blade does get a little rust on it, no need to panic! It can easily be rubbed off with a scotch brite pad and a little bit of oil. 

And of course, make sure to keep your knife nice and sharp! The best method is a water stone that can be purchased online or in most knife or kitchen supply shops. My favorite is a 400/1000 grit combination stone for heavier use blades and a 1000/4000 grit combination stone for fine edges like kitchen knives. If knife sharpening isn’t your thing, there are also professionals all over that can handle the task, usually for a good price. 

All of my knives are made with the highest standard of quality. If you experience any sort of problem or have a question of any sort feel free to contact me any time! 

Enjoy your new custom blade :)